I want to find some gold before the end of the year

Garrett Ace 250 - metal detector under 300 dollars

  I want to find some gold before the end of the year

One of my New Year resolutions for this year was that before it ends I would find some gold in the nature. Certainly, it is not that easy. First of all, I will need a good metal detector. I should find and buy one that was specifically made for finding gold. I have already looked around on the market and on a website called www.pickmymetaldetector.com I found loads of useful information.

According to them there are some metal detectors made for finding gold, produced by some of the most reputed manufacturers in this industry. Even better, they are not the most expensive models. I have learnt that gold is such a metal that a metal detector can pretty easily find and differentiate from other kinds of materials.

I haven’t decided yet which model I am going to buy (probably I will choose one of the Garret range). I wouldn’t like to spend more than 300 dollars on it. This is my budget. And then hopefully with the help of it I will find enough gold to make this investment worth it.

Anyways, that’s from me for today, cross your fingers for me so that I find the most awesome metal detector and take care! I will let you know once I have it in my hands.